The AWARDS are traditional art pieces and sponsored by Traditional Artisans from India.

1) A A Wazir – Kutch, Gujarat - A.A.Wazir lives in Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat. A portion of his home is a storehouse of painstakingly collected textiles. He has been collecting textiles now for over 30 years; the collection includes textiles from all over the Indian sub-continent, and Central Asia. He is a textile adviser to museums and institutions on an international level, but he also welcomes many specialists and students to share his extensive knowledge. Contact: +91 9427439671

2) Deepak Sankit – Jaipur, Rajasthan. - Deepak Sankit is from Jaipur, Rajasthan; famous for its Enamel (Meenakari) and Kundan Jewellery work on gold and silver. Deepak is born and brought up in a family of master craftsmen. His grandfather late Shri Deen Dayal ji Meenakar and father Shri Rajkumar Sankit are both National Award winners. Deepak was Awarded National merit certificate in 2003. Contact: +91 9414051055

3) Murji Vankar – Kutch, Gujarat. – Murji is a young traditional hand-weaving artisan from Kutch, Gujarat. Later trained as in an artisans design school, Murji has initiated a brand MIRI based on traditional hand-weaving of kutch traditional weavers and is a successful entrepreneur now. Contact: +91 9978870390

4) Shyam Lal Kumhar – Molela, Rajasthan. – Shyam is a young traditional artist, expert of technique of Molela style of terracotta art work. His artwork is in collection of various Indian and France based organizations. He has participated in various national and international art shows and also taught his craft internationally. Contact: +91 9828585511

Award Winning Films

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