The Film Screening Jury for the 2012 Heritage Film Festival will be conducted at IIT Gandhinagar on November 1-2, 2012. The jury will screen film submissions and judge them on a variety of criteria including relevance of content, cinematic style and clarity of presentation. Applicants will be informed of the jury's decision via email by 5 November 2012.

We are happy to announce that the following eminent artists and activists will be part of the 2012 Heritage Film Festival Screening Jury.

Shri Hridaynath Gharekhan

Hridaynath Gharekhan-2013

Hridaynath Gharekhan is a filmmaker based in Ahmedabad. For the past twenty years he has produced and directed several documentary films including many programs for children on Gujarati literature and culture. He has also produced numerous cultural programs during his tenure as a Program Executive for Doordarshan.

A man of achievements, he has won a national award in 1988 and his film ‘Talking Peace’ was selected for the World Peace Conference, Montreal, Canada in September 1999.

Shri Ghanekhan still continues to capture and allure the audience with his genius and the numbers on his 20 serials, 4 Hindi films and 172 documentaries continue to increase and stack on one another.

aadhar’s Heritage festival I consider as a an attempt to preserve our past and make future better with lost knowledge, by making it available in form of films and preserving them, making a data bank in this computer age. So this can be an inspiration for generation to come. Kudos to “aadhar’s.”

Shri Aditi Ranjan

Aditi Ranjan-2012

Aditi Ranjan is co-editor of ‘Handmade in India’ – an encyclopedia on the handicrafts of India. She is a weaver, textile designer, design teacher and researcher associated with the National Institute of Design since 1974. Since then she has been visiting faculty at the Textile Design department in Konstfack, National College of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm and Srishti School of Design in Bangalore.

In August 2009, she wrote scripts for 3 short documentaries on three crafts – Votive Terracotta of Rajasthan, Lacquered Turned Wood furniture of Sanskheda in Gujarat and Double Silk Ikat Textile of Patan, Gujarat. These three fabrics went on to be India’s nominations to UNESCO for safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage of India.

“”aadhar should be congratulated for their initiative to encourage and celebrate good films and videos on the craft traditions and craftsmanship. Their plans to screen these films will be an important step in informing and sensitizing people and encourage the next generation of craftsmen and women to see their ancestral skills with a new hope and relevance.”

Shri Villoo Mirza

Villoo Mirza-2013

Villoo Mirza is a talented textile consultant and craft activist who has made significant contributions to the world of craft and design in Gujarat and beyond. She is co-editor of ‘Handloom and Handicrafts of Gujarat,’ (Mapin 2012), former director of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and organiser of the Parzor project— the Preservation of Culture and Heritage of the Parsi Zoroastrians.

“for me “aadhar is a humble institution that started its activity, simple and pure into its form, which is a very modest way to bring awareness of crafts and the artisan fraternity. “aadhar got a very overweighing response of film entries in its first attempt”