2012 Theme

'HASTAKALA' Celebrating Hand-Craft Skills of Traditional Artisans and Craftspeople of India.

The Festival intends to celebrate the Hand-Craft skills, demonstrate the diversity of India’s artistic traditions and Raise awareness about its importance to various aspects of contemporary life.

The Festival commenced during the World Heritage Week between 19-25 November 2012. Screening of the Juried films was done from 19 to 25 November 2012 at 9 different Venues in Ahmedabad.

The overall aim of the Heritage Film Festival is to encourage film submissions, organise film making projects, review film competitions, and screen films to different audiences. Our primary audience is youngsters (school and college students). We also want to incorporate individuals and organisations related to film, design and heritage. Tourists and international communities are also one of our target audiences so as to promote Indian heritage worldwide.

For details check our Event page

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