Awards winning films & Selected films

Since the theme of the festival is ‘Handicrafts’ and aadhar supports the tradition of arts and crafts in India, we found it appropriate to present our winning filmmakers a traditional art piece which would demonstrate the impressive art of the region and skills of an artist, rather than offering a conventional metal-wood award. We are grateful to Shri. Ismael Khatri, Shri. Vishram Valji Vankar, Shri. Abduljabbar Khatri and Shri. A A Wazir to help us realise our dream collaboration.

HFF2012 award winning films

  • Of Whose Karma Shall I Sing My Own?
  • Chalto Phirto Devro : The wondering Shrine
  • Rhythm of the Blocks (A story of Bagru Block Printing)
  • Tanko bole chhe - The Stitches Speak