aadhar is a charitable trust established in the year 2002 with its operational office based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are committed to Revitalise Arts and Crafts of India.

The mission of aadhar is to develop programs and opportunities that support artisans and craftspeople, in an effort to sustain their livelihood, and contribute to the revitalisation of the collective cultural heritage of India.

aadhar works to stimulate, foster and promote the individual enterprise. aadhar works to instill a sense of pride, as well as professional and community connections among the artisans and craftspeople for generations to come. aadhar strongly believes that the traditional arts and crafts of India are an intangible and valuable cultural asset, more important than a strictly economic asset, in spite of external pressure due to globalisation.

aadhar promotes various activities in the fields of arts, crafts and culture for the good of the general public, with a specific mission dedicated to enhancing the inherent enterprise of traditional craftspeople and their families. aadhar works to harness the unique skill-sets possessed by the artists / craftspeople and helps them develop professionalism while keeping their adherence to the purity of craft and skill intact. While aadhar spreads awareness and sensitivity about the current situation of the Indian crafts sector, the organisation also educates the craftspeople on how to be their own brand ambassadors as creative and intelligent working professionals.

In collaboration with individuals and organisations who are keen to extend their support to the cause of aadhar, the following list of potential projects and activities has been established:

  • Research and analysis
  • Profiling artisans (creating Census of artist and craftsmen communities)
  • Documentation (Writing, Voice recording, Photography, Video)
  • Branding and Designing
  • Designing audio-visual presentations
  • Film Making
  • Design and execute forums, seminars, interactive workshops, theme pavilions, exhibitions, sales etc
  • Trainings Programs for Artisans
  • Facilitation for creating Artisans’ Enterprise
  • Activities to spread awareness about art and crafts sector
  • Develop a marketing support network to create employment
  • Income generating programs
  • Education on Health and Hygiene
  • Promote non-formal medium of education

aadhar provides consultation services for the projects and activities listed above.