In order to preserve India’s finest cultural legacies, aadhar initiated The Heritage Film Festival to explore India’s glorious heritage through audiovisual media. The Heritage Film Festival is a project by aadhar to spread awareness and educate public about India’s heritage through films

The Heritage Film Festival is not just an EVENT... but a CAUSE with the aim to REVIVE the dying traditional art forms,

it a Movement to embellish & enrich the Rich Heritage of India...!

Overall aim of the Heritage Film Festival (HFF) is to encourage film submissions, organize film making projects, review film competitions, and screen films to different audiences. Our primary audience is youngsters (school and college students). We also want to incorporate individuals and organisations related to film, design and heritage. Tourists and international communities are also one of our target audiences so as to promote Indian heritage worldwide. This is a unique endeavor towards creating excitement for India’s glorious Heritage as part of our awareness objective.

The first Heritage Film Festival happened during the World Heritage Week in Ahmedabad in western state of Gujarat, India, between 19-25 November 2012, where the juried films were screened at various venues in and around the city. Theme of the festival in 2012 was ‘Hastkala’. We further aim to cover various other aspects of Heritage as themes in coming years.

The Festival now aims to travel across the globe to reach different audiences to promote India’s Heritage. We welcome individuals and organisations to collaborate to host the festival.

All the films received for the Heritage Film Festival will be added to The Heritage Film Archive.

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